Specialised Gum Surgeries


Gum disease is not just about your oral health, but your overall health as well. The bacteria in your mouth are passed on through your body. There is a direct connection between your oral health and systemic health.
If you have firm healthy gums and it will keep your teeth longer and avoid health problems associated with gum disease.
Most people suffer from gum disease, and it is a major cause of tooth loss in adults.

Treatment methods depend upon the stage of disease, how far the condition has progressed and your overall health.

It is also possible to have gum disease and with no warning signs, that is why regular dental checkups are very important.

The number and types of treatment will vary, depending on the extent of the gum disease. Any type of treatment requires that the patient keep up good oral care at home.

We may also suggest changing certain behaviors, such as quitting smoking, reducing stress and maintaining a well-balanced diet as a way to improve treatment outcome.

Gum disease is a sign of serious oral health issues in the near future.

The main goal of treatment is to control the infection and progression of the disease and to promote reattachment of healthy gums to teeth.

See your dentist if you suspect you have gum disease. The sooner you treat it the better; early intervention to treat gum diseases can ensure the health and longevity of your teeth.